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jonathan hunt with a live update for us. jonathan? >> shep, very few details on this so far. what we know from ryan bruce, who is with fort knox public affairs is that the entire base is on lockdown. this is a quote from ryan bruce: the post is on lockdown. it is 100% on lockdown. the shooting apparently happened earlier this afternoon in the vicinity of the human resources command on the fort knox army post. the command by the way employs about 3800 people but is just a small part of the fort knox army post. that covers in total 109,000 acres across three counties in kentucky. the fort knox post has a population of more than 40,000 soldiers, family members, and civilian employees. you can just imagine what a huge job this is to put that kind of army post on lockdown. just to emphasize, shep, we do not have any word on casualties, any fatalities whatsoever at this point. but the base, once again, 100% on lockdown according to the public affairs office there, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, thanks. waiting for video and live reports from the ground there on post and we'll bring you that as we
of boston on this. jonathan hunt has been reading up and getting more information while arthur and i were talking. this is disturbing. >> one of the initial reports says the two explosions came from inside the fairmont plaza hotel. i'm not sure which of those building it is there. i'm just looking at's live blogging of this here. there is one report of injuries. i've not heard that anywhere else. but some ambulances are said to be on the way down there. i'm not sure if we can make them out in that picture. clearly this developing very quickly. >> shepard: we're getting more from the sources in boston and around. this has just crossed "associated press" in the last few seconds, investigating the report of two explosions,s from the fairmont by the hotel. that has been shut down by race officials because of this report. race officials have shut it down. the sound of two booms, which witnesses said sounded like thunder, right as the -- the race is ongoing at this point. we're waiting to hear something from authorities, and this is unedited video coming in. or are these live picture
. tonight, jonathan hunt will have more on that from bell march, new jersey. and rick leventhal is in bay head with the fierce fight i will take you to sky fox over new york and see how that coast has changed since the days following the storm. that's all ahead in this special edition of fox report after sandy. but first, tonight, governor rick perry is warning texans to be careful after the killing of another prosecutor. police say they found coffman county district attorney mike mccleaned and his wife cynthia shot dead inside their home outside dallas on saturday. investigators say it was a targeted attack. just two months ago somebody shot and killed mccleaned's deputy d.a. that was the same day that the feds announced mccleaned's office was working on a case against the aryan brotherhood. investigators say the white supremacist group threatened to retaliate against law enforcement officials and anybody cooperating with them. >> i would suggest everyone should be careful about what goes on, whether they are public officials or otherwise. this, i think, is a clear concern to individuals
coverage throughouting the hour. jonathan hunt is north of news new jersey, speaking to business owners, some moving to temporary location so is they can open. and rick leventhal who was here when the storm hit, and he is in bay head. and shannon is live in d.c. where emergency management officials redrew the nation's flood maps after superstorm sandy. that triggered more insurance problems bought thousands of homes previously on safe ground are now in the flood zone. that's all ahead on this special edition of "studio b." >> but first, the feds and local law enforcement in the state of texas say they high alert after a killer or killers gunned down another district attorney and his wife in their home. the assassination of this particular man, the kaufman county texas d.a., mike mclellan, is the second killing of a prosecutor in a small town of 100,000 people in less than two months. weeks ago mclelland vowed to hunt down and exile whoever shot his deputy in a parking lot of the courthouse in january. but on saturday night police found mclelland and his wife in their home. investigators
years to build a nuke. jonathan hunt is live at the united nations headquarters in new york. what do we know about this navy ship we have sent over there. >> this is a second destroyer ship. this is the uss decatur, shep. it joins the uss john mccain already confirmed to be in the region officials will only say that both of those destroyers are in quote the western pacific. that's as much as they will tell us about the location. they have confirmed that both are on what they call a missile defense mission. a clear reference to the threats from north korea. now the secretary of state john kerry said today u.s. actions are being taken out of a desire to show the u.s.' readiness and willingness to defend itself and its allies rather than out of any desire to add to the tension. listen. >> we are going to proceed thoughtfully and carefully as the president has indicated. but we take nothing for granted. and we also are not in different to the meaning of these -- of the risks that are involved. >> and clearly the risks are increasing in this standoff every day, shep. >> shepard: the united n
for that city's marathon. fox report jonathan hunt live with us. it appears that the london marathon is going to be a a tribute to the victims here in boston? >> the 30,000 expected runners competing in the london marathon on sunday will begin with a 30 seconds moment of silence before they start to tackle that 26.2 mile course. every one of them is encouraged to wear a black ribbon as tribute to the victims of the boston bombings. those will be handed out when they register to get their numbers and not surprisingly we are hearing there is a review of all security procedures for sunday's marathon. listen. >> the potential link but we don't know of no obvious one. but what we normally do we will increase searching and make sure we have more officers on the street and looking after people and making sure they are safe. there is no reason to think there is any less safe after the terrible events in boston. >> bob: while it's the biggest marathon in the next few days, there is one, newest one here that will be the salt lake city city marathon and looking at security procedures there. >> shep: jon
in saying they smelled ammonia fumes. jonathan hunt is live. what do we know about the safety record? >> this is the compliance history report. at it put out by the texas commission on environmental quality, and this report lists five investigations carried out in 2006 and 2007, but only one actual violation, and according to officials with the texas commission on environmental quality, that one violation was only considered a minor one. listen. >> there was a violation in 2006. there was an odor complaint. we had an investigation. we resolved the complaint with having the company come in and get authorized for permit. i think the permit was the resolution. >> so bottom line, bill, it appears there was actually very little to suggest any prior problems with this particular fertilizer plant that could possibly have led to last night's extraordinarily tragic events. >> which leads to more questions, and it's not clear how this happened. what are the experts saying about how an explosion like this could possibly take place? >> i spoke to a hazardous materials expert earlier today, bill,
's" correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our newsroom in new york with more on this. jonathan, good evening to you. >> good evening, bill. any law enforcementics pert will tell you that investigators would have far preferred to move in quietly to quietly pick up these guys without appealing for help from the public it he wills you thus far in that effort they have clearly drawn a blank in tracking these two men. now they need the public's help. you compare this, for instance, in the public appeal here to the case of fiesel shah sad. a pakistani citizen who attempted to set off a car bomb in times square in may of 2010. police have video of him. they had an i.d. they did not feel it necessary to put that out publicly. they simply tailed him. he they put him on a no fly list. i'm not quite sure why we are seeing the boston suspects here. we are talking about fiesel shah sad. they surveilled him. they tracked him in the end and he was found trying to get on a flight out of country at jfk. so, what we know from this now is that they need the help of the american public, bill. law enforcement experts w
own younger brother, as he tried to escape, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thanks. catherine said the surviving suspect told the fbi about the bombings in 16 hours of questioning before he was adviced of his constitutional rights to remain silent and then a judge arrived at the hotel room witha representative from the united states attorney's office -- excuse me? the hospital room. i meant hospital room. and at sized the suspect of his rights. then he stopped talking. that's the story. let's take this to the judge. our chief judicial analyst. i want to get the facts. the reading of the rights does not activate them? the absence of the reading does not remove them? they simply are. they are rights and, he, like you and i, have the right to remain silent. what's confusing that about. >> nothing. could not have been said more accurately or eloquently. here's what happened. he is being interrogated in a hospital room by -- we don't know how many -- fbi agents and probably some intelligence agents. the time is ticking. he has been in custody 72 hours. the law says you have to keep -- i
common. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live tonight with more on that. it does not lessen the pain though certainly for any of the victims. according to the numbers, they suggest we he have been safer since 9/11. jonathan? >> the bombings in boston, bill, are partly shocking purely because we are that much safer than we were prior to 9/11. prior to 9/11, the bombings were much more common on american soil. you only need to look back to 1993, of course, and the first bombing of the world trade center. and then in 1995, of course, there was the oklahoma city bombing and many more small scale but deadly bombings in the 1970s. now, a lot of experts say that since the 9/11 attacks our intelligence services and law enforcement have become much better at identifying and preventing any potential attacks. so while we might not feel it right now, staive tis particularly speaking, we are much safer now than we were in the decades before 9/11. bill? >> you know, jonathan, we know at least one of these devices was made using a pressure cooker, perhaps both of them in the end. that is n
fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt was on air with us when this happened and has the latest information from our newsroom. jonathan? >> shep, first the timing of this. the last runners actually were recorded crossing the finish line at 2:57 eastern time that gives you a pretty accurate picture of exactly when those two explosions ripped through the scene. one first, then another. about 14 seconds apart by our count as we listened to the explosions on the video that you saw. now, it appears, according to all the experts, that they were on some sort of timer device. now it could have been a timer attached to each of those explosive devices but more likely, according to the experts i spoken to they were remotely detonated, possibly using cell phones. that is why we were told at the time that cell phone traffic had been shutdown. although a couple of the cell phone companies said that they were not requested to do so. but it appeared to a lot of people that cell phones had been blocked. there was not a lot of structural damage. these were not huge devices in that sense. but they
unreasonable search and seizure. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt has been looking at this all day and a stack of documents related there to. what's the policy here? what's the rule? >> well, if you look at the irs manual itself, shep, it talks about search warrants in the following fashion. quote: the government may obtain the contents of an electronic communication that has been in storage for more than 180 days using a search warrant, a court order, or a grand jury subpoena or administrative summons. what worries the aclu and other attorneys is the phrase or administrative summons. that means two irs agents could get together and say we need to look at these emails. they could go to the internet service provider and say we want those emails without any involvement of the courts. on the other hand, all the major internet service providers we spoke to today, google, yahoo, microsoft among them say that they would never agree to such a request without a court ordered search warrant. so the bottom line, it seems theoretically possible but practically unlikely. >> shepard: jonat
just an average customer. "the fox report" correspondent jonathan hunt is is live in our new york newsroom. do we know whether certainty these fireworks were used in the bombs. >> we don't know with any definite nature, yet shep whether she's fireworks were used in the bombs much the vice president of phantom fireworks, the patient company based in ohio says he believes it is is unlikely. listen. >> i just don't think they would have been able to mine enough powder from these products to produce that the other part is that we all saw the explosion and it was gray smoke. you saw no color. no fireworks effect. no whistle, no crackle. >> what we do know for sure is that tamerlan drove across the fireworks in february and bought two kits called locked and loaded. he also signed up for loyalty card and used his massachusetts driver's license to do that. now, catherine herridge was just reporting we also know, shep, that the fbi has said that in their view the explosives used in the boston bombs were consistent with the explosives used in some fireworks. >> shepard: we know that terrori
received the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt in our newsroom. what did they get? >> shep, according to documents that we have seen, published by the massachusetts department of transitional assistance. it appears they got quite a lot. take a look at this catherine russell the wife and now widow of tamerlan tsarnaev got food stamps and traditional aid to families with dependent children from september 2011 to november 2012 in other words, beginning just after the birth of the baby she had with tamerlan tsarnaev. then you look at the parents. they got food stamps aid dependent children both on two separate occasions for two lengthy periods. what we don't know, shep, and we have not been able to confirm is the exact amount in terms of dollars that those benefits were worth. but there are some figures out there and they appear to be pretty large, shep. >> so some lawmakers are all over this, jonathan. >> yeah, we talked today to david len ski. he is the chairman of the massachusetts house post it audit and oversight committee. he told us that his committee has received someth
. the chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. jonathan grew up in great britain under margaret thatcher's rein and, i don't know, no question that she has changed britain and the world. >> yes, she certainly did both of those. to the world, first of all, it was her embrace of the then soviet leader and reformist mikhail gorbachev in 1994 that started to put the pressure on soviet to change. she called gorbachev a man with whom we can do business. she worked alongside, hand in hand, with ronald reagan to really keep the pressure up on the soviets and within five years of her making the comment about gorbachev, of course, the berlin wall was coming down. eastern europe was no longer under soviet control. then in terms of projecting britain's own power, she sent british forces to war to regain the falkland islands. british territory off argentina. argentina invaded. that was a turning point in her leadership. she was deeply unpopular up until that point. that changed it completely. these were her thought tons projection of british power she made during her resignation speech in 19
nations chief is also slamming the move. jonathan hunt is live at the u.n. this afternoon. jonathan, the united states, guess, is responding in action and deed. >> it is. significantly strengthinging it military presence in the region. a second u.s. naval destroyer now joining the uss john mccain in what officials will only describe as the we were pacific, but they admit that both of these destroyers or what is called a missile defense mission. a clear reference to threats from north korea. those threats condemned, as you heard by white house officials, and also condemned at the state department today. listen. >> what we have as of today is a stated intention to violate their international obligations further. that's not going to take them any closer to ending their isolation, to feeding their people or in any way improving the quality of life. >> a lot of experts will tell you that is exactly what the north korea leadership is trying to do ramping thereat psychiatric the nuclear program, and then eventually back down in return for getting more aid. it is a game that we have seen pl
conditions drifting around in the gulf. jonathan hunt is watching. this looks more serious. >> you look at the picture on the screen, that is is hole, a big gash by the looks of things, in the stern of the carnival triumph. there were pretty strong winds. we're getting it confirmed from carnival cruise line, issuing a statement from the public relation manager due to strong winds in alabama, carnival broke away from the moorings, the ship drifted and is resting against a cargo vessel, tugboats and the coast guard are on the site. we're getting reports two workers onboard the carnival went into the water. they've rescued one but the reports we have right now is one still may be missing. >> shepard: this thing never ends. >> carnival triumph has had a very bad day. five days adrift, now this. it was in mobile, alabama, to have repairs on the engine room. now the winds come along, it breaks free and it drifted to the western side and bang, a big hole. >> searching for that worker. we'll have updates through the day. we'll be right back. a dow, off 109, 110 point right now. it hasn't been a
it was moving a missile defense system to guam. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is at the united nations. tell us more about the missile movement. >> south korean officials believe and a lot of experts agree that north korea is moving what it calls the missiles to an east coast launch site. it's been put on display by north korea in some parades of its military might we have seen many times before. it's outer range, 2500 mills, it could conceivably hit guam. that would explain the pentagon's decision to move that missile defense system to the u.s. territory there the musadam said to be very inaccurate. that's some comfort to officials at the pentagon. now, whether they are moving this to cullly carry out some attack or for another test launch, that's anybody's guess. we talked about april 15th, the 101st first of the norse of the berth of kim il-sung, the do it officials are looking at around which kim jong-un might decide he wants to take in sort of action. >> shepard: secretary of state john kerry is headed to the region next week. right? >> yes. this is all part of the message
. he confessed he took the pictures and sent them to women who were not his wife. jonathan hunt is with us. did he explain why he did that? >> so much so the "new york times" reporter to carried out the interviews said after a two-hour interview, the reporter stopped it because he said he felt it was too much like a therapy session. anthony weiner told the report he thought twitter was a medium that gave him access to a need he had for attention 24/7. he said i wasn't thinking, is this risky behavior? is it smart? it was another way to feed the notion i want to be liked and admired and he went on, i knew when i did it almost from the moment i did it that there was no good way for it to end when i sent that fateful tweet on june 16. some 21 days after sending the fateful tweet, mr. weiner announced his resignation as hecklers shouted out things like good by perv. >> shepard: if he runs for mayor of new york, he needs support of his wife. >> hard to imagine him getting anywhere without that support. his wife has stood by him most obviously in this interview where she said, quoted,
theirs is reading your e-mail. there are many layers to the story. jonathan hunt has been looking into it. at the very least the irs rules are unclear. >> this is a lot more complicated we thought it what win we first looked at the headlines this morning. here's something from the internal revenue manual, written in 2009, quote: the government may obtain the contents of an electronic communication that has been in storage for more than 180 days using a search warrant, court order, or a grand jury subpoena, oar administrative summons. the aclu attorney believes that sense should end at "search warrant." the problem here is the administrative summons. that essentially means that two irs agents can talk to each other decide these e-mails are relevant and then go to the internet service provider and say, we need those e-mails. it's just them deciding that. that's the problem here, they don't have to bring in the court. on the other hand, the internet service provider in most cases say they will not hand over the information without a search warrant. so it's not black and white but is the are
supremacists. at any rate i want to get to the story and jonathan hunt. some technical problems giving us fits. can you update our viewers? >> we have two stories here. let's start with the sheriff joe arpaio one. joe arpaio was sent a mail explosive device. it was dropped off, apparently in a mail box just outside of sight of flagstaff arizona, 140 miles north of where he has his office in phoenix. arpaio is, as everybody knows, a controversial figure because of this views and actions on illegal immigration. this device was described to me by a law enforcement official earlier today as a legitimate device, not a sophisticated one. however, in a news conference that we have just heard, officials said indeed that this device could have killed. listen. >> from what we have been told, the latest information was, had someone opened that package, it would have caused a major explosion and caused serious physical injury, burns, and maybe death. that is a very serious threat. it was labeled to come here, to this building, and to be opened by sheriff arpaio. >> interestingly one of the reasons they ma
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. now the feds are asking to speak with the wife themselves. jonathan hunt is in studio this afternoon. where is this woman right now? do we even know? >> as far as we know, shep, catherine russell tsarnaev is currently at her parent' home in north kingstown rhode island. federal agents were at the home, apparently seeking to speak to her, but her lawyer is the only wound has spoken to the fed cozy the said, i spoke to them, that's all i can say right now. we're deciding what we want to do and how we want to approach this. it appears that they will ultimately. , just a question of when. >> shepard: how much more too we know about their relationship? >> not that much. we just are not hearing from her or the family. what we do know is that she met her future husband when she was studying at university in boston. they apparently met at a nightclub, and according to her attorney, she later converted to islam and married tsarnaev. asked about her religion, the attorney said, she believes in the ten ten nets of islam and the koran. she believes in god. her parents acknowledge they knew very
report" jonathan hunt is with us tonight. where is this woman now. >> catherine russell right now is at her parents many home in north kingstown rhode island, she apparently went there last friday. federal agents visited that home, we're told yesterday, but apparently they did not speak to catherine russell instead they toke to her attorney. >> i spoke to them and that's all i can say right now. we're deciding what we want to do and how we want to approach this. it seems likely she will ultimately meet investigators, shep, but the attorney clearly wants to decide what the parameters are for that meeting. given that right now she is not charged with anything at all. >> shepard: right. what more do we know about their relationship? >> it appears that they were pretty close. there was a domestic violence incident back in 2009. more on that in a moment. other than that, they appeared to be very close, indeed. in fact, one of the relatives said that when tsarnaev traveled to russia last year, he spoke to his wife every single day via skype. now, we also know, of course, that they met w
qaeda announced it is joining forces with one of syria's biggest opposition groups. so jonathan hunt is in studio. it's unclear at this point how good the israeli intelligence is, whether they're talking about the kind of chemical weapons as weapons of mass destruction. >> the background is that it comes from israel's top military intelligence analyst. that's obviously gives it some credibility. the time from what we are hearing so far, publicly, it appears to be based more on photographic evidence than anything on the ground. and john kerry said even israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has not confirmed the claims in the report. >> i think it's fair for me to say that he was not in a position to confirm that in the conversation that i had. and so it's up to him and their process as to when and how they do that. not for me to make any other announcements except to say to you that i don't know yet what the facts are. i don't think anybody knows what they are. >> i don't think anybody knows what the facts are. that's the key statement from the secretary of state, and prime minist
. catherine herridge is joining us. we'll start with jonathan hunt live in the studio. we're learning about the fireworks and where they came from. >> massachusetts bans the sale of all fireworks so apparently back in february, tamerlan tsarnaev drove to new hampshire and bought two kits known as lock and load. according to the reporting of ron ralston, he paid $200 for one. got the other one for free by signing up for a loyalty card using his massachusetts driver's license. now the vice president of phantom fireworks, the company based in ohio, says that he does not believe the powder from those lock and load kits was used in the boston attacks. listen. >> i just don't think they would have been able to mine enough powder from these products to produce that. the other part is that we all saw the explosion and it was gray smoke. you saw no color. no fireworks effect. no whistle, no crackle. >> it's important to point out the fbi said they believe at this stage the explosives use in the boston attacks were consistent with the type found in some fireworks. >> shepard: we know terrorists used
involved. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is here. how significant is this, given the politicked of things? >> the significance in this is how close they got to getting a senior figure within the syrian government and the area that the attack took lapse in, in the heart of damascus. an upscale area, home to ambassadors, including the swiss ambassador, and one of the most secure parts of damascus. so the very fact they could get in there almost assassinate the prime minister, just shows the rebels are getting more and more bold, and they are getting more access in the heart of damascus. that's a big development. >> shepard: we have reports, obviously inconfirmed, they used chemical weapons. the israeli are probable the most nervous. >> every country that shares a bored with syria, as the violence continues. look at this air strike that happened today. >> huge air strike by, we're told, syrian forces against the rebels. but as israel looks at al of this, they're very concerned about the chemical weapons. not that the syrians would use it against israel but the syrians will hand the
correspondent jonathan hunt is here do we know yet? >> we don't know figures but we know from this letter from the department of transitional assistance in massachusetts, sent to one of the representatives investigating all this, that they received some pretty extensive benefits. look at this. katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, received food stamps and transitional aide to families with depend tent children from september 2011 to 2012. just after the berth of the baby she had with the now-dead tamerlan tsarnaev. the tsarnaev parents received food stamps from october our 2007 to november 2004, and august '09 to december 20 1. plus the transitional aid from january to march 2003 and again all 2009 to june 2010. now, there are some pretty large figures out there, shep. we have not confirmed those yet, and the department of transitional assistance is saying they can't tell us because of privacy laws. >> shepard: how are lawmakers reacting. >> we thicked chairman of the mast hoss post audit and oversight committee. he tolds that his committee has received a total of something like 5
report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live at the united nations. jonathan, what do we know about these missile movements? >> well, john, south korean officials say and many experts agree with their assessment that the missile most likely being moved is called a mosadan. it's ballistic missile maximum range carrying a war head about 2.5000 miles that would put guam into reach. that is one of the reasons why that missile defense system is being moved there by the pentagon the pentagon has musadun missiles. one of the concerns about the musudan is that it can be launched from a mobile truck. that would give the u.s. and others much less time to react than if they had to mount it on a launch tower. that is one of the major concerns tonight, jon. >> jon: and there is a date coming up that could be significant in all of this? >> very significant date. april 15th. a week monday that will be the 101st anniversary of the birth of the founder of north korea, kim ilsun. kim jong un might decide that is a good date to translate his bellicose words into some sort of offensive action. here is
's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. explain what it is the judge seems to need to determine first. >> what the judge says he wants to know is whether the court decides that that notebook on which jana winter reported is even admissible as evidence in the trial of james holmes. he says he has to have a complete record as he called it and proceed with caution because of jana winters' first amendment rights and colorado's shield law, which lays out specific criteria designed to protect reporters and their sources. listen. >> it has to be -- go to a substantial issue in the case. it has to be something you can't find out by any other means. and the requesting party here mr. holmes and the defense have to show that their rights outweigh the first amendment rights of both the reporter and the public. i would argue that none of those requirements are met here. this doesn't go to guilt or innocent. >> now, we have no indication when we'll get a ruling on whether the notebook is indeed admissible. and, therefore, jana winter is going to have to wait a little longer to find out whether she faces jai
: jonathan hunt in our newsroom tonight. here is one for you. margaret thatcher's role as a lawmaker has greatly overshadowed her other legacy. one of the developers of soft serve ice cream. it's true according to an article in a 1983 new scientist magazine edition. it reports as a chemist in the 1940s margaret thatcher helped create that cheaper airier version of ice scream that made soft serve possible. we learned a lot more today about the u.s. citizen accused of fighting with al qaeda overseas. now the feds, i should say we'll tell you how the feds knew about him long before he left for syria. plus, the details of how they took it to him in custody. and still seven more weeks before memorial day. can we interest you in more snow? the new blizzard warnings for some parts of our nation from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your
or was hoped to be a coordinated and multiphased attack on the city of boston. jonathan hunt, my colleague, joins me right now. very familiar with this sort of activity. in london to say the least. we were talking about the question, where these devices were. talked to one or several might have been in garbage cans. london, familiar with that from the old days of the ira attacks. others hidden in subway stations in london, not too many summers ago. similarry in madrid. what do you make of this? >> all too familiar. for anybody remembers the bombing campaign of the irish run party -- irish republican party, they were the ones who perfected the idea of a device in a trash can. so much so it became so common on the streets of london, that at one point every single trash can was removed from the streets. >> neil: ills that the case now? >> no. they started putting them back but together not entirely bomb proof but bomb resistant trash can. it was supposed to sort of envelope the bomb, help extinguish any fire and stop the radiation of the explosion. but one i was monitoring monitoe police scan
down when you compare it to 30 or 40 years ago. the fox report's jonathan hunt is here with more on that. we hear about the threats all the time. but the facts show that we are more safe than before. explain that. >> yeah. the worst attack we've gone through since 9-11 was actually the fort hood shooting in 2009, 13 people killed there. boston stands out because it is, in fact, among the highest casualties with three dead and 176 wounded in that attack. other than that, 9-11, of course, then you have the 1993 world trade center attack, the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. but other than that, as i said, relatively safe. much better than the 1970s, for instance, when there were far more global terrorist attacks. experts say part of the reason is because law enforcement, very simply in cities like new york city, have become much better since 9-11 at stopping these things. listen. >> since 9-11, new york has been the target of 17 plots and only one of them you could say really succeeded and the suspect made it to times square. but the others didn't work because of a lot of good intellige
the president step down for more than two years now. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is live with us now. this was a pretty brazen attack. >> certainly was. not least because of the area in which it took place it was an area of damascus that would generally be considered one of the most secure yet the rebels "in there with this bomb and they targeted a leading official of the assad regime. they did not actually get their target but it is a fact that very few assad regime officials will be sleeping any easier in their beds tonight, shep, after this kind of attack. >> shepard: it appears that assad himself is fighting back as hard as ever. >> as hard as he ever can with every weapon that he has at his dispofl. look at this video we just got in today of a recent air strike. >> [shouting] [explosion] that we are told strike against rebels. we can't confirm the authenticity of that video. chemical weapons remain the concern for many neighboring nations including israel. they are very concerned the israelis, that some of those chemical weapons may find their hands, their way into t
are in the process of trying to hunt him down and find him. >> all right, jonathan, we'll come back to you to see what you're hearing. >>> this all of course began to unfold last night with reports of explosions and gunfire in watertown, massachusetts, that's in the boston area, we want to take a minute now to watch some home video that was shot of that firefight as it was taking place. let's take a listen. [ gunfire ] >> there are explosions and gunfire going on down the street. [ gunfire ] >>> we have a press conference now getting started. we'll pick it up in progress. >> -- suspect consistent with the description of suspect number two, the white cap individual who was involved in monday's bombing of the boston marathon. we have a picture, a video, from the 7-eleven last night that he's dressed in a grey hoodie-type sweatshirt, light skin, caucasian male, with long, brown, curly hair. that's the individual that we're looking for at this moment. >> that's suspect number two? >> yes. >> suspect number one was shot? >> yes. >>. >> i want to be clear, we'll do regular updates to this. but right no
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